The Beauty of Handmade

We value beautifully handmade products and the stories behind them. We have the wonderful pleasure of working with skilled artisans worldwide whose traditional skills, history, and character are reflected in the integrity of our products.

The artisans who create our products are our ultimate inspiration. Their crafts have been perfected over generations and passed down through their families, and the techniques share a story of history and culture. The very opposite of mass produced, this slow craft method of creating values the detailed labour of hand weaving, block printing, glass blowing, and crafts alike. There is a beauty in the process and that beauty translates to the final piece. When we know the origin of the materials and the stories of the makers, we create products that last and that pass on the skills used in their creation.

Spending time with our vendors, the artisans, and in the communities where our products are made is the highlight of what we do. We meet so many extraordinary people on our journeys and we feel grateful to be able to share their stories with you, and to support them and their families through the sale of our products.